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Twin sisters marry same man- they always loved sharing


Twin sisters marry same man- they said they’ve always loved sharing things

Twins marry same man. Twins have always shared a special bond with each other, whether it be clothes, food, or emotions. These 25 year old twin sisters, however, are sharing a husband with each other. The story is weird but the twin sisters married the same man.

The sisters explained that while growing up they’ve always chosen to share everything even when their parents given them separately. This was the same approach that they took in chosing their husband and first ever partner.

The sisters live with their husband who is the sum of their ages, 50 years old. They explain that all the rules are made by their husband, rules which include where he sleeps at night as they both have separate rooms, or if he sleeps with them both.

The sisters are obviously very happy with their partner, one of who is the personal accountant for their very weird arrangement.

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