Man Arrested & Charged for stealing 15 Cellphones From US Secret service...

Man Arrested & Charged for stealing 15 Cellphones From US Secret service during Obama visit


This is a very embarrassing development for Jamaicans After the much anticipated President Barack Obama visit to Jamaica, every Jamaican was left feeling very proud. But recent developments are quite a shame.

A 28 yr old man, Christopher Green, who worked at the Pegasus Hotel during the period where the POTUS gathered with Embassy Officials, reportedly stole more than a dozen cellphones that were being used by the members of the US Secret service. The Secret Service is the security agency with the responsibility of protecting US Presidents.

Reports of the incident were made on April 10 after the President left but weren’t made public until the arrest of green was made. The cellphones, which were provided for members of the Secret Service for their time here, were left in a room that was supposed to be locked and secured until the embassy officials came and picked it up. It wasn’t until the officials ran an inventory stock count that they realized 15 of the cellphones were missing.

Investigations lead to Green’s arrest, who had already given the phones to family members and friends and even sold a few. Green was charged with petty larceny after he admitted that that he stole the 15 Nokia 106 Cellphones. He was sentenced to 9 months in prison but the sentence was, however, suspended for 2 years. This means that he will not serve the time unless he commits a crime for which he could be arrested within the 2years.

Only 8 of the 15 phones were recovered, 13 of which were from his mother.

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